There have been major changes in requirements for all licenses, including Class 6, which start to take effect form 01 Nov 2012. To learn the scope of the changes, and to check what machines qualify as approved for Learner Riders under the new laws, go here: Motorcycles | NZ Transport Agency

Motorcycle Riding Co have access to areas in South Auckland for Basic Handling training, Tuesdays at Pukekohe, Saturdays at Highbrook, from 0800 on (by appointment). A motorcycle and helmet are available for those who do not have their own machine. Other days by appointment at Ngatea.  If you want to discuss Basic Handling Skills training with Motorcycle Riding Co text or call on one of the numbers in the menu pane, or email us.

Slow manoeuvres are the essential key to being a good rider. Motorcycle Riding Co will take you through a series of progressive skills lessons to ensure you understand the basics.  You will learn to handle the controls of a bike, to look in the right place while riding, to carry out precise manoeuvres at slow speed, and in complete control.  You will learn the basics of cornering; how counter-steering works, and why it is essential, where to place yourself in traffic for your best visibility, and to be most visible to other road users yourself.  You will acquire confidence in your ability to execute an emergency stop under heavy braking, and to use your brakes in a corner.

Basic Handling Skills Test - Likely Costs (All training and testing is one-on-one, no groups catered for.)
Your current skill level
Time allowance

If you can already ride a motorbike, but want some training and assistance to help pass the Basic Handling Test (but not including the test.)
One hour
To be taught from scratch (99% of people who have recently ridden a pushbike and can drive a car with manual gears should pass the Basic Handling Test after this session)........
Two hours
If you can ride and just want to do the test, 10 mins to get used to the bike, then straight to the test, which involves the compulsory exercises as set by the NZ Transport Agency
30 mins max

Once you have passed the other tests required, and hold a Learner's Licence, and you are able to ride on the road, Motorcycle Riding Co can offer further coaching on roadcraft and survival in an environment where other road users are all too frequently agressive and ignorant in their attitude to two-wheeled vehicles, or just as dangerously, don't even notice them in the traffic.  Depending on your individual requirements, this could involve more "round the cones" work as well as road riding.

While it is possible to achieve your Basic Handling Skills Certificate inEyes. as little as two hours, Motorcycle Riding Co strongly recommend you talk with them about the extra coaching they can give you as a beginner. Of course, it is a commercial operation and it will cost you more than a bare bones Certificate, but the survival skills they will equip you with could be worth your greatest asset: your life.